Spanish Intermediate Advanced 7th Grade


M/J Spanish Advanced, Grade 7

Sra. Perez 2019-2020

4th Quarter


March 29, 2020


Dear Families,


I hope that your family is doing well and that everyone has been able to have fun and stay safe during our extended absence from school. To provide an enhanced level of stability for our students during this unprecedented school closure, our district has developed an Instructional Continuity for Academic Needs Plan (I-CAN) to help ensure that our students are provided with multiple learning opportunities until we can return to school.

Beginning April 1, each week I will post in my website a list of activities that your child can complete. These activities may include online learning opportunities. It is my hope that you find these opportunities beneficial and as a way to continue your learning over the next few weeks.

If you need to reach me at any time, please do so via email or google voice phone, I will also be monitoring  progress online .

I know that this is a new and unknown method of learning for all of us but know that we are engaging in this new opportunity with an abundance of compassion and grace. I am excited to support you in these learning opportunities and in this new delivery method, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I am excited to connect with you soon!



Sra. Perez

Spanish Teacher

Google voice phone: 321 328 8585


Please, complete the survey from the link below and your teacher we'll see the answers in 365. Do not email it, please.


April 1 : Due to technical issues with Pearson online we haven't assigned any activity yet but as soon as we resolve it you'll have access to the online pataform of Realidades B.  Thanks for completing the survey !

Thanks for your patiente.



Jueves, 2 de abril: At this point students should be able to access to Realidades online plattaform from SCS (Pearson) . I posted a Reading. Comp activity "Lectura una semana sin television". It contains several comprenhension questions to be responded in the online plattaform. This time you'll receive a grade based on completion but you must try to respond correctly. Due date april 6.

Email your teacher if you encounter any problem finding this online activity.

Go to your MySCS

Under Textbooks click on the Person Easybridge tab

Click on Realidades B

You will see 3 tabs: Browse    classes      Data

Under Classes you should see the assignments I posted.

Week of April 6: Students will complete a practice test in the online plataform Pearsonrealize. This assignment is intended to review contents covered in Lesson 9A "El cine y la television". Students will receive a completion grade.

Due date April 13.


Lourdes Perez is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 7th grade
Time: Apr 7, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 921 815 311
Password: 333344

Meeting is not mandatory, if you don't have any concern at this point you don't need to attend.

Due to security concerns, my zoom meeting has been cancelled until further notice. Keep checking my website for directions and email me or call me with any question.


Week of April 13: This week we are doing vocabulary of Lesson 9B "La Tecnologia", I posted a group of activities  in the onine platform that you must complete y April 20. Remember that you can always reach out to me.

Remember that even though the online platform may give you a low score I will grade manually based on completion. It is important that you try to respond correctly and you copy the new vocabulary. When you copy the vocab include the following sections.

1. To talk about communications

2.- Ta talk about computer related activities

3.- Other useful words and expressions

Week of april 20: This week we'll continue practicing the vocabulary of lesson 9B "La Tecnologia". Assigned activities this week correspond to the section "Vocabulario en uso"  Page 316 Actv 6, Page 318 ACtv 9, and Instant check vocab in uso actvs. Refer to page 334 as needed in order to see 9B Vocab. 


Week of april 27: This week we are doing some grammar (Present Tense of 2 irregular verbs "PEDIR and "SERVIR") Activities assigned in the online platform are due next Monday May 4. It is important that you watch the online tutorial before you start to complete the activities. I also recomend you to do index cards with the conjugation f these 2 verbs in Present. If ou have anu question feel free to reach out to me via email or Googe Voice. 

Have a fantastic week !

Week of May 4: This week we'll continue with some grammar activities in Chapter 9B (Saber vs Conocer) It is strongly recommended to watch the online tutorial and grammar presentation videos posted in the online platform. You should be able to conjugate both verbs correctly and to differentiate when to use each one since both of them mean TO KNOW.  I posted only meaninful activities that will help you to learn this grammar and you shoud try to respond without using online translators.

Week of May 11: This week we'll integrate the vocab and grammar of lesson 9B to complete writing actiivities in the online platform Pearson.

Due date: Next Monday May 18.


Week of May 18: This is the last activity that will be assigned and it is all Reading Comprenhension with multiple choice questions. You are supossed to complete pages 81-89. Email me the answers in a word document

Make sure you are not missing anything from previous weeks in order to receive a good grade for Quarter 4. 

You all are amazing and you have done a terrific job this school year. Enjoy summer !  HASTA LA VISTA